Welcome to the TDA SCP Server
Rules: 1. Do not teamkill (this results into a ban of 24 hours, unless you are a class D in light containment zone)
2. Do not use racial slurs or bully people (you will be muted or in the worst case be banned, how long determines on the case)
3. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a perm-ban
4. Micspamming is allowed, untill it becomes a bother for someone or if someone asks you to stop (if you dont stop you will get
Muted for a certain amount of time)
What plugins are in the server?
Wait and Chill reborn: adds a fun waiting lobby
Ultimate AFK: Replaces AFK user with a spectator if available
Scp Lockdowns: At the start of the round scp's will be locked down in their containment chamber and a message will play saying a
breach has occurred
SCP-575: at random the facility will lose power which summons scp 575, the facility will be completely dark
SCP-035: SCP-035 is added as a random object that anyone can pick up, you cannot regocnize it as it looks like a normal item, once
picked up the player will change to someone else, but as the same class, and in the top of the screen it wil say that you are
scp-035, this allows you to teamkill anybody, other scp's may not be aware of your existence.
scp-012: Ads mechanics to the 012 room in light containment, so if you come near the music note, it will actually try to write it
further with your blood and you die
Respawn Timer: adds a respawn timer
Remote keycard: allows you to open doors without holding the keycard
Door Restart System: Someone has accidentally spilled coffee on the door systems, allowing it to fail and lock the facility for a
short period of time
Better sinkhole: when you walk into the sinkhole you get teleported to the pocket dimension
Better scp-939: replaces 939 with a smaller version and adds a mechanic that it can regenerate health in the form of AHP