Welcome to the Super Party Bus Server!


1. Do not glitch or exploit.
2. Respect staff members.
3. Pranks are allowed if they don't extend the round for too long.
4. Don't ask for admin.
5. Staff have the final say.
6. Be nice to others.
7. Do not commit suicide if you spawn as a role you don't want to be.
8. SCP 049-2 should obey SCP-049.
9. Don't spam annoying music over the intercom. (Every once in a while its pretty funny)
10. Don't ruin the games for others.
11. No stream sniping.
12. Having a rank does not make you invulnerable from being kicked/banned.
13. Follow the rules.
14. Do not abuse
15. Do not advertise other servers.
16. MTF may restrain/disarm class-D's to re-contain SCP-106 or to let them escape and turn into MTF instead of chaos.

Contact owner at [email protected] for assistance