CBSL Discord Server:

Click Here

General Rules:

1. Don't be Toxic, this includes no bullying or discrimination.

2. Mic Spam is allowed. However, it is not to be played in SCP chat, spectator chat or radio chat

3. No hacking, cheating or exploiting.

4. Do not purposely delay the round. This will get you slain.

5. Please be respectful towards our staff.

6. Do not team kill other players purposefully. e.g. throwing grenades into elevators, revenge killing, etc.

7. Common sense. We reserve the right to punish players if they are acting in bad faith, even if it doesn't technically break the rules.

Be sure to join the discord if you have a problem with someone, our rules, or you just want to have a chat with us!

Server Features:

• Friendly Fire

• Auto Warhead at 21 minutes into the game

• SCP-914 works with your items in your inventory

You're always welcome in the CBSL community.