Welcome to Trash SCP!
Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/jEUg8Dcbwj
Now please take some time to read our rules:
1. No teamkill (Excluding Class-D on Class-D)
2. No teaming (Excluding Chaos on SCP / SCP on Class-D)
3. No micspam (Will result in a kick)
4. Do not disrespect staff (Will result in a ban, varying length depending on severity)
5. No racial slurs (Instant Perma-Ban)
6. No homosexuality or sexual acts. (Instant 1 year ban)
7. No sexual acts to a minor. (Instant Perma-Ban and authorities will be contacted when possible)
8. Do not swear too much. Excessive swearing will be a kick.
9. No admin abuse if you receive moderator, abusing will be a warning then a demotion if continued.
10. Have fun!