<size=150%><align="center">Welcome to [US East]-Canada SCP-Secret laboratory #2

<size=150%>Server Links Discord:https://discord.gg/z7eA8t

<size=200%><align="left"><#0000FF>[FF ON]

<size=150%><#005500>The Rules
<color="red">1. don't be Toxic
2. no team with scp only chaos and Class'd
3. Don't close the door on you team
4. Don't uses mod's only my friends and me
5. When you are scp049'2 don't kill yourself
6. don't team two long
7. Don't kill your own team

<size=140%><color="green">How to make your own server <color="blue">https://zap-hosting.com/

<size=140%><color="yellow">love you guys