Welcome to Toolkit's SCP server!

1. No cheating.
2. No ghosting.
3. Playing music is okay, but do not earrape.
4. Do not try to impersonate staff.
5. No harassment/bullying.
6. If a staff member has their tag hidden, do not reveal them.
7. No inappropriate usernames.
8. No playing as SCP-079 without a teammate. It stalls the round.
9. You may not shoot a cuffed Class-D without a valid reason, and please uncuff them before shooting them as you will get set to Tutorial.
10. NTF and Facility Guards cannot team with SCPs under any circumstances. It is unfair and the round cannot end unless one of them dies.
11. Please do not camp as an SCP when no one is nearby, unless you are camping to kill.
12. Please do not ask for ranks, you're not gonna get one.
13. Please do not ask for the RA password, it doesn't exist.

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/89PvYBgtPs
Apply for Staff: https://bit.ly/tkscpapp

Peanut ****ing Explodes
SCP Swap
More Hazards (tesla gates disabled for NTF, door lock event, random tesla gate disabled)

SCP-914 Changes:
- Scientist to Class-D
- Class- D to Scientist
Very Fine:
- SCP-049-2 to Class-D