The Vagabond Hub SCP:SL Server Info

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For inquiries and concerns, contact me at [email protected]

Server Rules

1. Foundation personnel are required to detain D-Class. The only exceptions are listed below and only apply when witnessed outside of spectator mode:
-The D-Class is resisting or disobeying your commands,
-The D-Class is being escorted by SCPs,
-The D-Class has a firearm equipped, or
-Chaos Insurgency have entered the facility.
*** Scientists cannot kill disarmed D-Class if they are being escorted by Foundation personnel.</color>

2. Camping for a long period of time is not allowed.

3. Harassing and toxicity towards others will not be tolerated.
3a. Hate speech will result in an immediate 24 hour ban without exceptions.
3b. SCP-079 cannot cause the death of fellow SCP teammates.

4. Staff abuse is prohibited.

5. Cheating and hacking will result in an immediate IP ban followed by a global ban issued by official SCP:SL staff.

6. Voice chat abuse will only be moderated when involving anything pedophiliac.

7. Teaming is allowed across classes with mutual win conditions.

8. Meta gaming is prohibited.

9. Reprimand evasion will result in escalated reprimands.

Lastly, it’s encouraged that as a member of The Vagabond Hub, you report any broken rules to the staff team. It allows us to improve the community for all of you that choose to stay among us!