Please note that I am on the server a lot and I will be welcome to change anything on here or add more if need be.

NOTE: *Sometimes SCP-3114 is going to get used for fun. If need be I can remove this and SCP-3114 will not be allowed. We will NOT USE any other mod on this server EXCEPT for SCP-3114. If you want to know what the SCP is here is a link “SCP-3114”*


Just be respectful. Do not repeatedly say anything racist or hurtful toward anybody's ethnicity. Just try not to say too much this will not lead to a ban unless said to someone ALOT OF TIMES that actually are upset about it.

No KoS unless your Chaos and SCP. MTF SHOULD NOT kill D-Class on sight unless shot at.

We won’t ban you head on, you might just get a few warnings before you're banned, bans will be less than 7 days unless you’ve shown to do this before. I hate to ban my players as this is basically a vanilla server.
More rules will come up later and may change at anytime without warning but still respect the rules that are obvious and do not break those obvious rule

Have anything wrong with this or just want to report a hacker?
Contact us at [email protected]