[US Server 1] Duckys World Duckys World

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Please make sure to follow
these basic rules:

1. All discussion must be in the English language.
2. Keep discussion in proper channels.
3. Any content that could be considered pornographic, graphic, or otherwise NSFW, and explicit discussion of sexual activity are prohibited.
4. Moderators reserve the right to end a certain behavior or discussion.
5. Use of any derogatory slurs will not be tolerated.
6. Do not spam (This includes behaviors such as repeating the same message again, advertising, repeatedly pinging a user, server invites, pointless messages that can only be understood by one group, etc)
7. Any use of unauthorized alternative accounts are prohibited.
8. Be civil, and respect your fellow users. Personal attacks, harassment, intentional provocations, threats, doxxing, petty insults, and other such behavior is prohibited.
9. No teamkilling

1. Cuffed D-Class or Scientist you can not kill.
2. SCPs are ALLOWED to show mercy to the following classes: Chaos Insurgency and Class-D
3. Scientists are allowed to Team with D-Class.
4. MTF and Scientist are allowed to team.
5. Chaos Insurgency and D-Class are allowed to team.
6. Chaos Insurgency and SCPS are allowed to team.