The Crit-Zone | Roleplay server!
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1. Don't use 914 unless it is during a breach or a normal round, using 914 will result in a kick or despawn. Repeat use will result in a ban.

2. KOS (Kill on sight) is not allowed. only Chaos, MTF, and Guards can KOS each other. (But feel free to surrender if they haven't shot you yet.)
2A. do not kill cuffed people unless they are not cooperating with reasonable demands.

3. Do not fake surrender unless you are a Class-D. But it can be up to an admin if they think it was abusing the no KOS rule

4. Do not use SCP items unless absolutely necessary, especially when a breach has not happened, if you are mass stealing SCP items it'll most likely result in a kick or ban.

5. Do not fail RP or troll as it ruins immersion.

6. No impersonation of people

7. No Soundboards during RP unless admins give you permission.

8. Slurs, politics, and offensive terms are strictly prohibited and will result in a week to a permanent ban depending on context.

9. Do not Tryhard, This is a Roleplay server.

10. Admins/Mods have interpretation over the rules.

11. Please respect people.

12. Please use common sense.

The rules there also act as general rules.
If you are new to roleplay, feel free to get an admin or other player to help you out on your first time.
You may use the same character after each round (not after death)
The discord has step by step instructions on how to play SCP
You can roleplay characters from movies/shows.
You can make your character as unique as you like as long as it doesn't break rule 8.
You can always reach our discord staff by either DM'ing them or making a ticket, Both work. :3