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Server Rules

1. <indent=3%>Anything against game rules or ToS is not permitted and will always result in a ban.<size=13></indent>
<indent=5%>As an extension to cheating, this includes exploiting bugs or unintended game features to gain an unfair advantage over other players (such as hiding in unreachable spots or abusing bugs).</indent>
2. <indent=3%>Harassment of any users or groups will not be tolerated whatsoever.</indent>
<indent=5%>This includes, but is not limited to:</indent>
<indent=5%>- Offensive slurs of any kind</indent>
<indent=5%>- Targeted harassment (targeting in-game, following and insulting someone)</indent>
<indent=5%>- Derogatory comments</indent>
<indent=5%>- Anything else deemed particularly offensive, harassing, or defaming
3. <indent=5%>Micspam (music, earrape, repetitive sounds; soundboards) is not allowed in SCP chat, spectator chat, intercom, and radio.</indent>
4. <indent=5%>Do not discuss anything relating to human suffering, such as mass genocide or torture.</indent>
5. <indent=5%>Undetaining a detained AND cooperative personnel (ONLY Class-D and Scientists) to kill them is not permitted. This will result in a kick of the offender and a respawn of the dead player</indent>
6. <indent=5%>Teaming with classes that do not share a win condition while alive or escaped is not permitted.</indent>
<indent=5%>Classes who <color=red>CANNOT team: MTF and CI, SCPs and MTF, SCPs and Scientists</indent>
<indent=5%>Classes who SOMETIMES can team: Class-D and SCPs (minimally)</indent>
<indent=5%>Classes who ALWAYS can team: MTF and Scientists, MTF and Class-D, CI and Scientists, CI and Class-D, SCPs and CI
6.1 <indent=4%>Furthermore, holding up the round by hiding or camping in one spot longer than necessary is not allowed.</indent>
7. <indent=3%>Abuse (false reporting or spam) of the report function will result in punishment.</indent>
7.1 <indent=5%> DO NOT report for: Someone choosing not to team, KoS (kill on sight) of non-detained Class-D, excessive swearing (without slurs), closing doors on others, micspam in (alive) chat, or turning the dial on 914.</indent>
8. <indent=3%>Moderators of the server always have the final say and can enforce anything else not listed here if they feel it endangers the moral and ethical code of the server.</indent>
If you believe you have been falsely punished, please contact us via Discord.


SCPSwap: Allows SCP players to swap their roles via .scpswap [number] in client console (default key: ~).
UltimateAFK: AFK Kicker; Replaces AFK players with spectators, keeping inventory and ammo.
Auto FF Toggle: Toggles Friendly Fire at the end of the round.
SCPUtils: Various QoL changes to gameplay; notable config additions include detained immunity and 096 trigger alert.
AdminTools: Additions to admin commands, such as player broadcast and various other fun commands.