Foundation 7 [Role-Play]

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=General Guidelines=

When the Role-Play (RP) has started, act as your class would. See below for further details.

Respect all players and staff members.

No asking for SCP roles, they will be picked mostly at random.

Use appropriate language and refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior.

No cheating, hacking, exploiting glitches, or using any unfair advantage.

No mic spamming, playing loud music, or excessive noise when the RP has started.

Have some sense of self-preservation. You are all trying to survive, after all.

Please refrain from using SCP items if you are guard, scientist, or MTF.

Absolutely NO ERP is allowed on this.

=Class-Specific Rules=

Class: SCP-173

Do not move while there are AT LEAST 3 players looking at you.

DO NOT coordinate with fellow SCPs.

As SCP-173, you are completely obsessed with having people view your beauty, and therefore WANT to be seen. However, you demand to be seen at ALL times, and will murder those who dare to look away from you for even a blink.

Class: SCP-049

Roleplay as a doctor and attempt to "cure" other players by converting them to SCP-049-2 when you deem them to be infected with the "Pestilence". NOT ALL players will be infected with the "Pestilence" so do not go on wild killing sprees unless told otherwise by an admin.

Avoid unnecessary bloodshed and communicate your intentions clearly.

Collaborate with SCP-049-2 instances to spread the "cure" and gain more followers. You cannot team with any other SCPs.

You have been trapped in the facility for far too long, and want to leave as the "Pestilence" has infected far too many people.

Class: SCP-096

Stay passive until someone views your face, then become hostile, causing as much destruction as possible to the facility as you can before you calm down.

Chase down and eliminate the players who have seen your face. They want to hurt you, and they will ALWAYS want to hurt you. The only way to make sure that they will stop is by killing them. This does not mean that you are able to kill people who have NOT seen your face. Only those who have looked at you.

Avoid forcing players to look directly at you and activate your rage. This includes exploits by using stairs or jumping. If they look at you, they will look at you naturally.

Do not team with any other SCPs.


Class: Scientist

When not in a test, you have no authority. Do not expect anyone to listen to you, especially when it comes to any breach protocols.

When in a test, you have full authority over what is happening. This includes Class-D and includes Guards

Scientists are only allowed to have weapons when there is a crisis event such as a breach or an Alert code.

Class: Class-D Personnel

Follow the instructions of the security personnel and cooperate with the Foundation.

Roleplay as a prisoner seeking escape while being cautious of SCPs and the Chaos Insurgency. Nobody in the Foundation is your friend.

Do not engage in team killing or sabotage.

Class: Chaos Insurgency

Work together to cause chaos and disrupt the Foundation's operations. Try to take as many SCP items and cause as much destruction as you can.

Be mindful of Class-D personnel, as they can potentially aid or hinder your objectives.

Hostages can either help or hurt your cause, be careful about taking any.

Class: Facility Security

Defend the facility and contain SCPs by working alongside the Foundation staff.

Use teamwork and communication to effectively secure the facility.

Do not harm or kill innocent Class-D personnel unless they pose a significant threat.

You are NOT allowed to obtain or use any SCP items at any time. If you come across an SCP item, you are to put it back into its containment.

Class: Nine-Tailed Fox

Evacuate all foundation staff upon entering the facility. Evacuation would be taking the facility personnel to the surface by any means possible.

If evacuation is not possible, or if the way ahead is too dangerous, you are to find a secure place for foundation staff to hide and wait for reinforcements.

Do not harm innocent Class-D personnel unless they pose a significant threat or are impeding your actions. It is your job to cuff all Class-D personnel regardless of if they are cooperating or not.

Do NOT use or take any SCP items from their containment. Any Nine-Tailed Fox personnel you see take an SCP item are allowed to be killed on sight. You ARE allowed to pick up SCP items from the ground in order to put them back in their containment.

If you are deployed to the foundation, you have final say over any security or SCP threat.

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