Thank you for joining my server!

These are the rules for my server, Little Wolf's Playground. We do not do warnings here. Break one to many rules, and you're done. If you want to report a rule breaker, report them on the discord channel here


|1| Keep everything safe for work. No NSFW is tolerated here. NSFW includes, but is not limited to: [1] a NSFW username [1] [2] Saying anything deemed NSFW in VC [2] [3] Doing inappropriate actions with your avatar [3] [4] anything deemed by me or an admin to be nsfw [4]

|2| Swearing is tolerated, but do not say something rude directly to a person, just cuz.

|3| Do not say anything offensive. This includes, but is not limited to: [1] Any real life traumatic event [1] [2] Any Racial Slur [2] [3] anything that is deemed offensive by me, an admin, or the individual who found it offensive. [3]

|4| Do not attempt to report someone falsely. If you lie about a rule such as rule (3) and rule (2), you will not be allowed on my servers ever again. It is not fair to the admins, or the reported when there is a false report.

|5| Human teams are not allowed to team with SCP subjects (The only exception is the tutorial class, because tutorial is the serpents hand). SCP's are allowed to "help" Class D/scientists, as long as it does not prolong the game (Such as when the counter on the scp team is one, but the SCP's let the one guy escape unharmed.)


Please note that I can and most likely will change any rule here. This includes adding, removing, and editing rules.