<color="yellow"> <size=80%> Welcome to Blundell and Grumpy's SCP foundation, If you are here to stay then we welcome you to be apart of our family (yes i know that sounds weird).
<color="green"> <size=80%> rules:
<indent=15%> Be nice, you don't have to be extra nice, just don't be a cunt
<indent=15%> Do not be racist, you can joke, but be careful not to cross the line
<indent=15%> Do not mic spam, you can play music through it, just not constantly, especially through spectator chat
<indent=15%> Moderators, this is for you, do not abuse your power
<indent=15%> if you feel someone is being a douche, do not be a douche back, just tell us
<indent=15%> Don't team with SCP's if you're a Facility Guard or an MTF
<indent=15%> What the admins and the owner say is final, sorry mods, but if someone feels they have been unfairly banned then they can message us rather than feel they have no choice but to accept the ban.
<indent=15%> holding up the round by staying in the same spot or constantly running around in an area can result in a kick or a slay
<indent=15%> we have no tolerance for hacking, depending on how bad the hacks are depends on the length of your ban
<color="green"> <size=80%> Friendly fire rules:
<indent=15%> Do not teamkill without a reason, doing so will result in a kick/ban (accidents can be overlooked once or twice)
<indent=15%> MTF can teamkill if lower ranked MTF or guards refuse to follow orders (to an extent)
<indent=15%> If you are being annoying, for example, killing disarmed D-Class or closing doors on people constantly, or locking your team mates out, then you can be teamkilled
<indent=15%> MTF and Guards can TK each other only if their team mates are teaming with SCPs
<indent=15%> If a commander of MTF is disarming random people, or anyone for that matter then, they can be TK'd
<indent=15%> D-Class can kill other D-classes for the right reason, so for example if they steal a keycard or are trying to betray or leave you for their own personal gain

<color="red"> <size=80%>Urgent: The server is under constant updates to try new things, so if it restarts mid round or manually then don't panic.