Discord: https://discord.gg/26U9WBdB5t


1. No Racial Slurs are allowed

2. Do not harass any players inside of the game!

3. Do not LTAP to get out of a Staff Situation.

4. Please Respect all Staff Decisions

5. Do not Bully other players (It isn't cool)

6. No Exploiting/Cheating/Glitching is Allowed

7. Do not Camp inside rooms for a long period

8. Do not Kill Any Disarmed D-class and Scientists

9. Absolutely no DDOS or Doxxing

10. Do not Team up with any SCPs (Not Fun for Players)

11. No Trolling Groups are allowed (Insta-Ban if found)

12. Do not kill other SCPs on purpose (Example: 079 using Tesla Gates)


1. To Contact a Staff Member Go to Discord and DM one or say I need a staff member in #general

2. To Help out with the development of the server please put your Ideas inside of #scp-role-ideas

-------------THANKS FOR LOOKING AT THE RULES-------------

Discord: https://discord.gg/26U9WBdB5t