Welcome to the Radical Realm Arcade!

This server is dedicated to the Discord server "Project: Radical Realm". If you are interested in joining the Discord, please use the link below the rules.

Server Rules
1. Toxicity is not welcome here. If you choose to be this way, you will be kicked from the server, continuing to do so will lead to a ban.
2. Racial/Sexual slurs are not tolerated. This includes the N-word.
3. This should be obvious, but hacking/exploiting/cheating is an immediate ban. Don't do it. Just have fun.
4. If a scientist and/or D-class is detained, do NOT shoot them UNLESS they are not being cooperative.
5. Mic spamming is not allowed to be played in spectator chat, intercom, SCP chat, and pre-round chat. Music is fine as long it is not obnoxious or offensive.
6. Advertisements must be kept to a minimum. If you are told to stop advertising, you stop.
7. Do not trap your teammates intentionally UNLESS they did something regarding rule 5.
8. You can team with people, but there are limits.
- D-boys can team with: Chaos (needed) and SCPs.
- Chaos can team with SCPs.
- NTF can team with scientists

If you are interested in our server, please join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/BuGfr4c)

We... Have... PLUGINS!
1. Stalky 106: This plugin allows SCP 106 to use his stalk ability to teleport to a random player.
2. Remote Keycard: This plugin is extremely helpful for humans. You can open doors if you have the right keycard without having to go to your inventory and have it equipped.
3. Better SCP-939: Regular 939 is just trash, so why not an upgrade? 939 is smaller and gains a speed boost when he bites someone, but, will slow down for 3 seconds to let the person get away. If 939 is damaged, he will get angry. The more damage done on 939, the more damaging his bite will be, along with his AHP increasing.
4. SCP Swap: SCP Swap can be ONLY USED in the beginning of the round if you are an SCP. Use the command ".scpswap scpnumberhere" to swap an SCP with someone.
- EX: .scpswap 173
- EX: .scpswap Peanut
5. Peanut Fucking Explodes: When Peanut dies... he simply explodes. No context.
<b>6. Ultimate AFK: Tired of being kicked for the first time because you're AFK? No worries! You will be moved to spectator if you are AFK. If you are continuously AFK, then you will be kicked. :)
<b>7. Infection: Infection allows SCP 049, SCP 939, or SCP 173 to kill a player and revive them immediately. Useful if you want zombie infection.