[AUS] GameDough SCP | Salubrious Times Ahead

- No ESP or Aimbot.
- No Ghosting/Metagaming (Using 3rd party communication to gain an unfair advantage)
- Show consideration to other players which includes but not limited to no: racism, sexism and bullying.
Have fun!

Game specifics:
- D-class and Scientists can work together but cannot sabotage their own team.
- Chaos Insurgency prioritise Foundation kills and escaping D-class. They cannot team up with SCP's.
- SCP's must kill their targets as to not hold any game hostage. Don't let players live on purpose.
- Foundation can kill D-class on sight; however, it is strongly recommended to detain if possible since this results in more
tickets for Foundation.

Remember to shoot...

Contact Email: [email protected]
Attach screenshots/video evidence for reports.