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General In-game Rules:
[1] Cheating and exploiting are prohibited.
[2] Micspam and soundboards should be kept to a minimum, and are disallowed in RP.
[3] Racism, homophobia, or anything of the sort is disallowed.
[4] Teamkilling and team sabotage are prohibited without an RP reason to do so.
[5] KOS (Kill on sight) is greatly discouraged. Repeated offenses may result in punishment.
[6] False reports and abuse of the in-game report system is disallowed

Rules For Roleplay:
[1] NLR (New Life Rule) is in effect. If you die, you are a new person.
[2] Unwarranted use of SCPs (ex. 914, SCP lockers) as foundation personnel is prohibited.
[3] Looting (ex. stealing from lockers) without reason should be kept to a minimum.
[4] Stay in character as much as possible.