Welcome to Site 12

Make sure to join our discord by clicking here or going to https://discord.gg/TjqpWTp8sC

General Rules:
1. Using cheats or disruptive in-game exploits is strictly prohibited
2. NO SOUNDBOARDS IN RP. The only exception is a hoster gives permission, in which case the soundboard must make sense. Soundboards should be kept to a minimum outside of RP as well.
3. Racism, homophobia, or any sort of hateful language is strictly prohibited.
4. Stay in character as much as possible, and notify others when you are not. If you have no intent to roleplay, this is not the server for you.
5. Be respectful out of character, only be rude in character if the situation calls for it.
6. Remember to FEARRP; Value your life and be afraid of your characters death!
7. Do not mention OOC (Out of Character) knowledge! If your character wouldn't know something, then you shouldn't be acting like you do. When you die, you are a new character, so don't mention your past lives.
8. Obey chain of command! Blatant disobedience when in threat of harm or punishment is unrealistic. If following orders requires you to break the rules, the person who ordered you will be punished.
9. Follow the guidelines and rules for your specific role listed below. These may be ignored if you have a good enough reason and roleplay it well.
10. Harassing hosters or other players, or generally being a nuisance to the server will result in punishment.
11. While we will take eyewitnesses into account, if something happens that you report, we recommend you clip it so we have definitive proof.
12. Do not abuse the report system, as in don't spam it or send unnecessary reports.

If you can roleplay it well enough, some of these rules may be broken. The admin has the final say.

1. Looting is not allowed.
1.1. Medkit cabinets are for emergencies only, and are not for your taking.
1.2. You can RP owning a locker, but don't go around opening every locker looking for items.
1.3. Accessing SCP items without permission is considered a breach of containment and is strictly disallowed.
2. Possession of firearms as a researcher or other non-combatant personnel is prohibited unless otherwise specified (ex. gun license) and during breaches.
3. Attacking other foundation personnel is strictly prohibited unless in self defense. If you witness the termination of another foundation member and believe it was unjust, please report it; Do not take matters into your own hands.
4. Taking part in or assisting in breaches of security (ex. spreading contraband) is prohibited.
- You're the heart of the roleplay, don't just sit around
- Class-D are human subjects, and should not be wasted
- You aren't an ex-Navy Seal. Practice FEARRP, and don't use a gun at every chance you get.

- Follow orders from scientists
- Don't get in the way
- Protect scientists at all costs
- Class D are not expendable, even during breaches

- Follow orders unless you want to get shot
- You don't remember much; FEARRP and be realistic
- Chaos Insurgents are not allied with you. It is up to you if you want to team with them.

- Recontain SCPs. Do not terminate unless necessary or ordered to. (Recontainment procedures are on the discord)
- Don't go in solo. Stick with a squad member.

- Capture SCPs and personnel. Do not destroy unless necessary.
- Class D are not allied with you. You should still try to capture them and get them out.

- Check the discord for how to play and recontainment procedures.