~Abyss SCP<color=#b6b6b6>~</color>

Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/7vP2w8y

-=Role Rules=-

<align="center">Chaos cannot team with SCP's

Guards / MTF cannot KOS D-Class

MTF / Scientist / Guards cannot team with SCP's / Chaos

-=Server Rules=-

<align="center">Racism will NOT be tolerated on our servers.

Try to keep voice / text chat as clean as possible.

Advertising other networks will result in a Permanent Ban.

No micspam / earrape (playing music is okay as long as it's not in dead chat / on radio.)

You cannot shoot / kill cuffed personnel, if they're not complying with orders they may be killed.

No cheating / exploiting (If you find any cheaters / exploits please report them to us in our discord.)