[C1]: <size=11>Hacking results in an immediate permanent ban and game ban issued by SCP:SL staff.</size>

[C2]: <size=11>Staff manipulation requires O-5 member approval; violating this risks demotion or removal.</size>

[C3]: <size=11>Cross-teaming is allowed if fun and logical (e.g., MTF and Chaos can't cross-team).</size>

[C4]: <size=11>Extended camping in any area, especially speed-running to the surface as Facility Guard, is prohibited.</size>

[C5]: <size=11>Server disruptions (e.g., microphone abuse) are discouraged, extreme cases lead to reprimand.</size>

[C6]: <size=11>Terminating D-Class is generally not allowed, except for specific situations listed (e.g., resisting disarming).</size>

[C7]: <size=11>Using external programs to communicate with unauthorized players or exploiting Discord server logs is prohibited.</size>

[C8]: <size=11>Attempted reprimand evasion results in temporary and extended bans.</size>

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