Blackout SCP Rules
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1.<color=#ffffff> No hacking; Cheating will result in a permanent ban. Exploits will result in a ban. Report any suspicion
2.<color=#ffffff> Follow all directions from staff. Don't claim to be staff if you are not; Doing so will result in a mute or ban.
3.<color=#ffffff> No toxicity in any form. This means no excessive hate speech. Saying a racist terms or slurs will be met with a punishment.
4.<color=#ffffff> Don't stall rounds, camping is allowed but if you are the last person alive you need to make an effort to end the round.
5.<color=#ffffff> No excessive mic spam/music If people start to complain it could be seen as a rule break.

<color=#ff0000> --Staff has discretion over what breaks a rule or not <b> DONT EVADE PUNISHMENT--

<align="center"><b><size=12><color=#00fffe> Server Founder: Asdking190
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