[UK]11th MTF Tactical Team - Gorynation

We also host a Hell Let Loose community. Join the discord for more information.


4. To join the 11th MTF Clan use the !Click Me! button below.

!Click Me!


7.No harassment, racism, homophobia.

8.No Teasing, annoyance e.g. closing doors on team mates, shooting them now and again.

9.Don't take matters into your own hands.

10.No Mic Spam, playing music over the intercom loudly and/or frequently.

11.No advertisement.

12.No disrespect of staff and listen to what they say, if you have a warning don't argue just join the discord can see if you can get it revoked.

13.No Friendly Fire! (Accidental Friendly Fire won't be punished)

14.Cheating and exploiting will get you banned and reported to the official SCP moderators

15.14.Team Sabotaging as MTF/Chaos/SCPs/Scientists is not allowed. D class can do as they please