Welcome to Elysium</color=yellow></size=25>

<size=18>We are a EU based, High performance server. Our aim is to make an enjoyable and safe community. We hope to make this server and amazing place for you and your friends to enjoy. Have a great time in Elysium.<size=18>

<size=20><color=yellow>[ Discord ]</color=yellow>

<align=center><size=18>「 Rules 」</size=18>

<size=13>1. No Advertising.
2. No racism/harassment of any form/type.
3. No mic spamming in spectator.
4. MUST have appropriate names/tags.
5. Main language focus of this server is English but all languages are completely fine.
6. No NSFW content of any type.
7. No Teaming, exceptions are (dclass - scp and chaos) (scientists - facility guards and MTF).
8. Be respectful to others in our server and help make it a great place to play.
9. Do not KOS, attempt to cuff first.</size=13>

<size=18>「 Plugins & Features 」</size=18>

<size=15><b><color=#FFA500> We have many plugins here, However here are some of our best ones!
<color=#FF0000>[MapEditorReborn]: The main highlight of our server! Map editor reborn allows us to add custom maps to the server, This can include Moddified surface zones and entire new rooms added to the game!
[Teslas]: Our Tesla plugin is a simple, Custom made plugin which disables Teslas if a player has a keycard in their inventory, Allowing them to walk through with no harm!
[HatModels]: The HatModels plugin is a Custom Made plugin which allows MER builds to act as hats that float above your head!
[VendingMachines]: The VendingMachines plugin is a Custom Made plugin that works alongside MER, This allows user to walk up to a custom modeled vending machine and interact with it using coins in exchange for a random item!

<size=10><align=center>Any extra information that you need, please contact the discord or ask a member of staff.
Anything with "[ ]" are clickable links.