Welcome to the (barely) Safe For Work Network!

This server is whitelisted.

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</color>1. Teamkilling (TK) is NOT allowed unless it is under RP reasons or you are IC.
2. Targeted Disrespect is not allowed in any form.</align>
3. Use of soundboards over any Global Chats is NOT accepted.</align>
4. Earrape is not allowed unless the people around you want it.
5. Do not stall the round. Self explanatory.</align>
6. Abuse of glitches/bugs to camp/target is not allowed.</align>
7. Threats to DDOS the server and actual attempts will not be tolerated.</color>
8. False reporting is NOT allowed.</color>
9. Cheating/Hacking WILL result in an immediate ban and NW Moderation report.</color>
10. SCP Suicide is not allowed.</color>
11. Cross-teaming is not allowed unless it is under guidelines.</color>

For a list of staff, please visit the discord by clicking the name at the top.</align>



Whitelist Information


You must be 16 or older.
You must be level 30+ in-game or in the discord OR
actively support us either on Patreon at any tier or boosting the Discord server.

You can also gain access as a content creator. Minimum requirements are private.


Network List


Net 1 FAIRLY MODDED STATUS = Online</align>
Net 2 HEAVILY MODDED STATUS = Online</align>
Net 3 ROLEPLAY STATUS = Online</align>
Net 4 LIGHTLY MODDED STATUS = Online</align>
Whitelisted STATUS = Online</align>

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This server is apart of the (barely) Safe For Work network.