🐀 Welcome to DuckiesDomain!🐀

This server is primarily used by a group of friends who enjoy playing Secret Lab.

Feel free to join whenever you wish, with your friends, or join if we happen to be playing!

Whilst we do have server rules below (Read!)

The general summary is: Don't be a Dick!

🐀 Have Fun!🐀


🐀Server Rules🐀

🐀1) Be Nice and Respectful to all players! We don’t mind some banter, but keep it cool. Racism, Homophobia and other forms of abuse, hate speech or similar will be moderated!
🐀2) No out-of-lore Teaming! 096 isn’t about to go on a dinner date with that one Class-D. See β€˜Teaming Rules’ below this category for more information on this.
🐀3) No obnoxious noises over voice chat! Some music is fine; but not everyone wants to listen to BipBop TentacleSlop.
🐀4) Don’t pretend to be a ducky if you’re only a duckling! (Admin Impersonation)
🐀5) Camping is fine; but you’ll be the target of foul slurs (in a friendly way). You’ve been warned.
🐀6) Do not team-sabotage. Just don’t do it.
🐀7) Exploiting is a big no-no. Be a normal duck, and we’ll all have fun.
🐀8) Do not stall rounds! Stalling rounds will result in a swift end to your breathing.
🐀9) The Ducky gets the final say! (Admins can moderate as they deem fit)

🐀Teaming & Cuffing Rules🐀

🐀 No Teaming with any SCPs excluding 049.
🐀 Roleplay Teaming with 049 is permitted under some circumstances, but cannot extend to the whole round; nor can it result in the teamer escaping or surviving an otherwise lethal encounter.
🐀 Naughty Ducks (Chaos) and Specialist Ducks (MTF) may team to take out any remaining SCPs, but any further ceasefire to extend server rounds is not allowed!
🐀 Orange Ducks (Class-D) may team with Smart Ducks (Scientists); this does not extend to after you escape.
🐀 Dumb Ducks (Security) must cuff Class-D once you reach Gate A or B, but are not required to cuff them beforehand.
🐀 Specialist Ducks (MTF) and Dumb Ducks (Security) must always cuff Class-D; only kill if they fight back, disobey, or try to run off, etc.

For any issues with the server; contact either of the following on Discord:

boeyba remembering