<align="center">Gulag SCP</size=50>

<size=22>Contact :
[email protected]</size=15>

<size=30>Contact :
:Click for Discord:

<size=30>Changes :
Friendly fire cap (Not present currently): When the server has less than 10 people, friendly fire is enabled, otherwise it's not</size=15>
<size=16>Pink Candy: The infamous pink candy is added and it has the same spawn chances as any other candy</size=15>

<size=30>Rules :</size=20>

1. Do not hack and don't use bugs, intentionally using them will lead to a permanent ban

2. Don't micspam, it's only allowed in proximity chat (Micspam = Earrape, extensive soundboard usage)

3. Must be able to speak English

4. No Inappropriate Usernames

5. No False Reporting

6. No Teamkilling

7. Killing cuffed people is not allowed

8. Changing usernames to avoid punishment is prohibited

9. Having fun is strictly forbidden

10. Extensive harassment of individuals is prohibited

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Last edited 2024-05-05