Gulag SCP</size=50></size=50>




<size=22>Contact :
[email protected]</size=15>

<size=30>Rules :</size=20>
<size=16>1. Do not hack and don't use bugs, intentionally using them will lead to a ban
2. Don't use soundboards in spectator chat
3. Must be able to speak English
4. No mass friendly fire
5. No Hate Speech</size=15>

<size=20>Notable Plugins :</size=20>
<size=15>SCP-1162, drop an item in peanut room, the new item will be seen on the ground</size=15>
<size=15>Remote Keycard, you can open keycard doors with a keycard in your inventory</size=15>
<size=15>Pink Candy, You have a 1% chance of getting
Pink Candy from SCP-330
<size=15>SCP Chat Extension, if you are close enough to an SCP you can speak with it, this also means you can hear SCPs while spectating them</size=15>
<size=15>Custom Escape, When Guards escape cuffed they become Chaos, when Guards escape uncuffed they become MTF Commanders</size=15>
<size=15>Infinite Radio, the Radios all have infinite battery</size=15>
<size=15>Friendly Fire Cap, When the server has 20 or more people, friendly fire is off, but when it has less than 20 people it is on</size=15>

Last edited 2023-03-20