<align="center">Gulag SCP</size=50>

<size=22>Contact :
[email protected]</size=15>

<size=30>Rules :</size=20>
1. Do not hack and don't use bugs, intentionally using them will lead to a permanent ban

2. Don't micspam, it's only allowed in proximity chat (Micspam = Earrape, extensive soundboard usage)

3. Must be able to speak English

4. No Inappropriate Usernames

5. No False Reporting

6. No Teamkilling

7. Changing usernames to avoid punishment is prohibited

<size=30>Plugins : (Not added back yet)</size=20>
<size=16>Heal SCP's: If you type .heal while holding a healing item and looking at an SCP, you can heal them.</size=20>
<size=16>SCP talk: When you click on your noclip keybind (Default Left Alt) as an SCP you will be able to talk to humans.</size=20>

Last edited 2023-08-13