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Please Read The Rules:
1 - Be respectful to others. Don't use mean language. This includes names and memes and stuff. Cursing is okay as long as it isn't used in an super insulting manner.

2 - Don't post links without asking.

3 - Keep everything within the community SFW (safe for work) except for the channels marked as NSFW (not safe for work). Anything illegal will result in a ban.

4 - Mic spam is not allowed. Ear rape/NSFW messages over mic is never allowed.

5 - Keep chat relevant to its channel.

6 - Don’t harass, impersonate, or argue with O5 or Directors.

7 - Any breach of the Discord TOS will result in an immediate ban and report.

8 - Alternate accounts are allowed, but the usage of an alt account to avoid punishment or break rules will only get you a permanent ban.

9 - Staff have command over punishments. If you feel like you were wrongfully banned or punished, DM with evidence and reasoning.

10 - Threatening or committing any form of IP stealing, hacking, and/or malware depositing is strictly forbidden.

11 - Do NOT spam, mass ping, ghost ping, spam join/leave VCs, mass repost content create text walls, none of that stupid shit.

12 - Staff have final say on rule meanings, listen to then.

13 - Telling others to break rules will only get you banned.

14 - Multiple rule breaks or trying to cheat a punishment will result in a permanent ban for all accounts you bring.

15 - Leaking staff channels without permission from an admin is not allowed.

16 - DO NOT ask for a role thats higher than admin you have to rank up for anything higher

17-Use Different Characters. If Your Character Dies Or Has successfully escaped the facility, Please Make Sure To Use Different People Once You Respawn. Punishment For this Will Be A Verbal Warning.

18-Do Not Team-Kill. Team Killing Is Not Allowed Unless It Is For Roleplay purposes, Such As spies, Or If That person is up for termination by HR. Elevator Bombing Is A 1-Week Ban; If You Continue, It Will Be A Permanent Ban Without Appeal.

19-Do Not Keep Asking Administrators For Roles. Asking administrators For Roles Is fine, but if they say no and you keep doing it, You Will Be Met With A Kick Or A Ban. If You Continue, You Will Be Banned For A Week. (Ex: Asking For SCPs, Janitor, ETC.) (We WILL CHOOSE SCPS.)

20-KOS Is Not Allowed. If You are A Guard And You See an Undetained Class D, Do Not Shoot Them On Site Unless They are armed. The same is true for MTF And Class D, Chaos, and Scientist. This Also Applies To What Was Stated In Rule 1.(Ex: A Class D Enters 939 After Being Left Behind Looking For A Researcher, And A Guard Shoots Them In the Face As Soon As They enter.)

21-Finding Loopholes. Finding Loopholes in Any Of These Rules Will Be Met With A 1-week ban.

22-SCP suicide is bannable kys as a human but not in RPS 23-You MUST be lv 30 on MAKI bot to apply for mod