SCP: Secret Shenanigans


This is a UK-based SCP:SL Community, and we hope to bring many people into this server to give people a great time. This server has been operating since March 18, 2023, and we aim to go even further with this.

By joining SCP: Secret Shenanigans, you can join in on the occasional events hosted, and by winning, you win a cool badge in-game, as long as you are in our discord server. You will also have the chance to win things from Steam Games to gift cards. So why miss out, when you can have a great experience here!

〖 SCP:SS - Features

- SCPChat - Pressing Alt, then Q will enable Proximity Voice chat while you are SCP.
- SCPSwap - Using the console, you can swap to any SCP, or swap with a user.
- Spectator Menu - View how long the round is going, and the MTF/CI Tickets.
- Ingame Lobby - Enjoy a new waiting room, and not a loading screen.
- Spectator List - See who is watching you in the current moment’s time.

〖 SCP:SS - Server Rules

1 - Anybody caught harassing or bullying a certain individual / group of individuals will be immediately permabanned.

2 - Any mic spamming and you will be warned immediately. If caught again, you are kicked, then banned.

3 - Anyone caught saying racist content or discriminatory language will be immediately banned.

4 - Engaging in / encouraging acts such as doxxing, cheating, or using hacking exploits, or any forms of glitching the game for an advantage, will result in an immediate permaban.</b>

5 - Soundboards are heavily discouraged. and a heavy use can annoy other players. If reports come in, you will be warned, then kicked. If further, a ban.

〖 SCP:SS - Gameplay Rules

- Prolonging the round is annoying, please do not do this. If this is persisted, you will be kicked. Any extra annoyance like this, and a ban will be put in place.

- MTF / Guards killing detained Class D without any reasoning (K.O.S) is unacceptable in this server. As such, you can be warned or banned if caught doing it.

- Teaming with SCP is not allowed. (Exceptions: Class D, C.I.)

- Similarly, Crossteaming is strictly prohibited (Chaos + MTF). If caught, you will be kicked. Any more attempts, and you will be banned.

- Spawning in as an SCP you dislike and killing yourself is heavily discouraged. Attempt to team with your current team can help with gameplay, so please don't.

- Please only speak English. This is an English prioritised server</color>, so speaking any other language is discouraged. For moderation, if you refuse to comply with this, then a kick/ban will be put in place.

<size=20>〖 SCP:SS - Contact Us
If you need any sort of contact with moderators, admins, or the owner, you can find the main form of contact on our website by clicking the following link to our official website:

Secret Shenanigans Contact Email: [email protected]