SCP: Secret Shenanigans


Welcome to SCP: Secret Shenanigans, a UK/EU based community mainly focused on bringing you users a fun time without any need for seriousness. Here at SCP:SS, we are all about extreme times of fun and engaging events, as well as the occasional trolling from the mod team, adding onto what our motto is all about - Secret Shenanigans!

【 SCP:SS - Features

SCPChat - Pressing the ALT key will toggle proximity voice chat whilst you’re SCP!
Ending Friendly Fire - Unleash your chaos across all the players at the endgame.
Auto Events - Random small events to make the facility more interesting.
Shenanigans - SCPs with Particle Disruptors, or a squished ClassD. Any more?
Engaging Community - An outgoing and all accepting community awaiting you!

<size=18>【 SCP:SS - Server Rules

1 - No bullying / harassing a certain / group of individuals. If you can’t do this, get a grip.

2 - Mic spamming is heavily discouraged and can become punishable if continued.

3 - No racist or discriminatory slurs/content. Seriously, why even do this to begin with?

4 - No engaging in / encouraging acts like doxxing, cheating, or using hacking exploits.

5 - Soundboards are heavily discouraged. If reports come in, punishment will be given.

6 - False reports are not permitted. If it goes on, it can become punishable.

7 - NSFW content is strictly prohibited. Need I say anymore?

8 - This server is 13+ meaning you must be 13 or over to play on this server.

【 SCP:SS - Gameplay Rules

1 - Kill On Sight (KOS) is not tolerated here. Read up more about this on our website.

2 - No prolonging the round (Camping, hiding and/or under circumstances).

3 - Teaming with SCP is not allowed. (Exceptions: Class D, C.I.)

4 - Cross Teaming</b></color> is strictly prohibited. (e.g. Chaos + MTF, MTF + SCPs)

5 - Spawning in as an SCP you dislike and killing yourself is heavily discouraged. If continuous, it will become punishable.

6 - This is an English server, so please speak it. Otherwise, nobody can understand you.

7 - Evading moderation talks for reports will result in a ban.

9 - Team sabotage is not allowed in any way - Encouraging to kill detained ClassD, shutting doors on teammates while running.

10 - Do not flirt with CesTheFox / Jraylor - You will be killed by either one of us!
<size=9>(this is just a fun gimmicky thing, don’t take seriously lol)

【 SCP:SS - Contact Us

If you need any sort of contact with moderators, admins, or the owner, you can find the main form of contact on our website by clicking the following link to our official website:

Secret Shenanigans Contact Email: [email protected]