<align="center"><size=27>Welcome to The Hallowed!
<size=17>Please read our rules before you play.
<size=17>-->Click here to join our Discord!<--
<color="red">1. Please refrain from toxicity!

- Racism, homophobia, excessive swearing, etc. Is not tolerated.
- Mic-Spamming is not allowed on Intercom, SCP-Chat, or Spectator-Chat (Mic-spam = Ear-rape)

<color="red">2. Do not argue with staff regarding punishments, Staff have the final say. You can report staff on our Discord if...

- Staff is abusing
- Staff wrongfully bans someone
- Staff aren't doing their job
- Staff are breaking rules

3. Don't hold up the round!
- If you are holding up the round, staff will tell you
- If you continue to hold up the round, you will be punished

4. All teaming is allowed except...
- MTF and Facility guards cannot team with SCP's
- MTF and Facility guards cannot team with Chaos Insurgency
- If SCP's are making an attempt to kill D-class, Chaos Insurgents must try to save the D-class

5. Closing doors on your team is not allowed unless...
- Your teammates are teaming with SCP's (And are not allowed to)
- Your teammates attempted to teamkill you

6. You may not killed Cuffed D-Class & Scientists unless...
- They are uncooperative
- The detained consents to being shot
- They are confirmed to be the last person alive by staff

7. Don't team grief. This includes...
- Turning off 079 generators when your team needs them on
- Killing yourself or leaving to avoid being your class

8. Golden Rule : If you're not sure if something is offensive, don't say it!</color>

If you have any further questions about the rules or just the server in general, Feel free to ask staff!