NextLevel SCP:SL
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Join the discord for ban appeals, to report staff, and to be a member of our community!

Full Server Rules [Click Here]
View the full server rules document to look at full rules, exceptions, and extra info like cross-teaming.
Also feel free to ask online staff about the rules / exceptions listed here.

Server Rules:
1. No mic-spamming.
2. No ghosting / metagaming / stream sniping.
3. No toxic / annoying / dramatic / harassing behavior.
4. Don't intentionally delay rounds.
5. No cheating.
6. No exploiting.
7. No derogatory usernames or inappropriate outside links.
8. You must be able to speak English to a reasonable extent.
9. Excessive sexual / homophobic words and references are prohibited. Racial slurs are fully prohibited.
10. No spamming reports or making false / unreasonable reports.
11. Staff have the final say regarding rules.
12. Staff can punish players for unlisted rules and exceptions involving common sense.
13. Players with role badges and color as the following have FULL authority in the server:
> NextLevel Owner
> Server Manager / Head Admin
> Head Admin
14. Have fun!