1.mic spamming is allowed as long as it is music, no sound boards or music. Ear rapping is not allowed. Do not mic spam in the spectator.

2. No racism, nothing insulting to racist like jews, etc.

3. Kos is not allowed.

4. Killing cuffed personnel for any reason besides refusing orders will get the consequences for that action.

5. Teaming is allowed between mtf and chaos and every single class, but if its just chaos and mtf, its not allowed.

6. Please dont be homophobic to players, but if they continueing to repeat this and repeat saying it basically raiding server then your allowed to kill them.

7. Raiding is not allowed, players are allowed to raiders by any means.

8. Cheaters will be permanently banned if caught.

9. False surrendering [when equipped with a weapon and saying i surrender, then killing the guard] is not allowed.

10. Don't delay rounds. [for example. Hiding in nuke room armory when scps/mtf/chaos/ is waiting outside either surrender or let them kill you.]

11. No ghosting, for example in a discord call with another player in the server and telling them where the enemy is.

12. No team killing https://discord.gg/c33CV9RbGj