Welcome to SCP Nordic

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1. Do not annoy or be rude to other players. It just makes the game less fun for everyone. It's ok to swear and such as long as no one takes offense to it.

2. Don’t play sounds in spectator chat or radio. It's ok to play it in the intercom as long as it's not done too often and as long as it's not earrape or an annoying sound.

3. Don’t use mods or glitches to help you win the game. This counts as cheating and will not be tolerated. If you discover a glitch you should report it to the scp sl devs and not abuse it in game.

4. Do not cross team for an extended duration. Making temporary deals such as a temporary truce with scps if you open a door is fine but teaming for an extended period of time is not allowed.

5. Do not purposely stall the round by camping or refusing to fight etc. If you are the last one on your team and a bit of the game has gone by avoid camping to not hold up the round. This rule mainly targets. MTF, CI and SCPs.

6. Do not sabotage your team by doing actions that hinder or slow down your team on purpose such as succeeding as a zombie or killing scientists as a facility guard/MTF.

7. Don’t ghost. Ghosting is when you as a spectator tell alive players information about the game that they don’t know. If someone tries to ghost you mute them and report them instead of using their advice. Receiving advice and not doing anything about it will get you punished.

8. Don’t target a specific person over several rounds. This is just annoying for them and ruins the game for them.

9. Avoid teamkilling without a reason. If someone is being overly annoying or sabotaging your team you can team kill them without punishment. Accidental team killing will not get you punished. It's up to the mods to judge if it's an accident or not.

10. Don’t find loopholes in the rules. This is when you excuse something because it was technically not in the rules. This will not be an excuse for you.

11. Listen to staff members. If you purposely ignore what staff members tell you then you will receive a fitting punishment and if you just argue over a punishment you will get a more severe punishment.

12. Don’t avoid punishments by joining with an alt. This will result in your main account and all alts being permanently banned without chance of appeal.

13. If a staff member is abusing contact a higher up preferable with proof by using the discord which is found in the server info tab.

14. If you are unsure if a rule is allowed or not (or you have other questions) consider asking a staff member (discord link ) about it first. You will not get punished for asking

15. Do NOT read the server rules :)

Plugins and settings:
- Random PD exits: 2 new random exit from the pocket dimension will be chosen every time somebody escapes.

- Random PD escape points: Every time you escape you will be teleported to a random room instead of always going to scp-106's chamber. Warning you can spawn clooe to a tesla gate sometimes