Welcome to SCP Nordic

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1. Be nice (use common sense).
2. Do not play sounds or music people might find annoying over radio, intercom or as spectator.
3. Do not use mods or glitches to help you win the game.
4. Try to not team with people that are not on your team. If this kind of teaming start, then make sure it does not extend the round, and team with the whole team, not just one specific person.
5. If you think you are the last one of your team alive and the round has lasted for a while (is LCZ decontaminated or has Alpha Warhead gone off?), consider surrendering and do not hide. This rule is mainly oriented towards MTF, CI and SCPs.
6. Do not close doors in peoples faces.
7. Do not suicide as SCP/Zombie.
8. Have fun!

Plugins and settings:
- SCP-939 intercom: SCP-939 can use the intercom.
- Random PD exits: 2 new random exit from the pocket dimension will be chosen every time somebody escapes.
- Random PD escape points: Every time you escape you will be teleported to a random room instead of always going to scp-106's chamber. Warning you can spawn clooe to a tesla gate sometimes