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SCP Something In-Game Rules

1. Mass teamkilling is forbidden.
The Only Exception to this rule is if the party that was teamkilled says it was unintentional.

2. Excessive Mic Abuse will lead to a mute.
This includes radio, intercom, and spectator chat.

3. Playing inappropriate music over the Intercom is forbidden.

4. Discriminating against or harassing people in any way is forbidden.
Things such as Race, Religion, Mic Quality, Voice Pitch, Etc.

5. Hacking / Exploiting in any way will result in a permanent ban.

6. Camping Checkpoints / Elevators is not allowed over 10 minute total per round.
This Rule Applies to All Roles.

7. Attempting to Bypass Bans through alternate accounts will result in an IP Ban.

8. Attempting to exploit found loopholes within these rules is forbidden.