Welcome to the Shadow Government

JOIN THE DISCORD (and report players) - <a href="https://discord.gg/techwizard">CLICK HERE</a>

#1 - Don't be toxic - if you're going to trash talk don't do it constantly.
#2 - No racism (Perma ban)
#3 - No betrayal of your teammates (please avoid closing doors)
#4 - No Cross-teaming (Scientist and D-Class are allowed, Chaos and SCP's are not allowed)
#5 - No mic-spamming on intercom, spectator chat, or radios (there are limits to soundboards)
#6 - No killing handcuffed players who are being escorted
#7 - No killing surrendering D-class unless known to be armed
#8 - No releasing handcuffed players at exit tunnel
#9 - No avoiding becoming a zombie if killed (this includes suicide and leaving the server)
#10 - No Self Advertisement
#11 - No Abusing Plugin Features. Staff Say Is FINAL. (Do not intentionally switch teams for example)

#1 - SCP 1162 in New 173 Containment
#2 - Guards/MTF/Chaos can be handcuffed and turned into the other team
#3 - Friendly Fire at the end of the round
#4 - Auto Nuke after 25 minutes
#5 - 914 will impact players