Chill Skies SCPSL Server

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This is a Heavily Modded Server!

1. No Cheating/Exploiting of any kind.
2. No Racist/Segratory Behavior of any kind
3. This Server allows KOS, however detainees are immune to KOS.
4. No Harassment of any kind towards anyone.
5. Do not camp Nuke, Chaos Spawn, and NTF Spawn.
6. Teaming is allowed between.
All Truces/Teams Must dissolve when only 2 Groups remain.
7. Mic Spawn is allowed thru Proximity Chat, and is allowed on the intercom if it isn't ear rape.
8. No NSFW/Dirty Talk and no NSFW Names.
9. Do not suicide to avoid playing a SCP, human suicide is allowed.
10. Staff have final say on punishments, you can APPEAL a non-cheating ban on our discord.

The Nature of this server is meant to be relaxed and silly.

We recommend joining our Discord Server if you have any concerns or suggestions.
We do occasional Mini-Game Rounds here! The Discord server will also help identify when they will happen!