The Scuut

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If you have any questions you can contact the owner on discord: ScuutScuutLucas#4079


1. Don't be toxic, for example excessively closing doors on teammates is not allowed (more then 2 times is excessively)
2. You are only allowed play Music / use soundboard in proximity chat.
3. No Discrimination or Racism.
4. Only talk English don't speak other languages.
5. No ban/mute evading, Don't use alts to evade a mute or a ban.
6. Don't use hack clients, any way of unfair advantage will be punished.
7. Teaming with SCPs is not allowed, Only Chaos Insurgency is allowed to team with SCPs

Server Plugins

- Admintools - Adds extra commands for staff.
- Auto-Nuke - Improved auto nuke plugin.
- AutoRestartTool - Restarts the server every few rounds.
- Better939 - Makes SCP-939 get stronger if he is losing health.
- BetterSinkholes - Makes it so you can fall in to the big sinkhole.
- Better106Attack - If 106 hits someone the target falls in to a sinkhole.
- Common Utils - Used for inventory managment.
- CuffedTK - You cannot kill cuffed players.
- Custom Spawner - You can choose as what class you want to spawn as.
- Discord-Intergration - Used for discord bots.
- Escape Airlock - Turns the escape doors in to an airlock.
- Item-Information - We use this to display information on certain items.
- KeepTheChange - Coins spawn around the facility.
- LateJoin - You'll still spawn until 1 minute after the round started.
- Lights - Makes it so the lights turn off.
- LuckyPills - If you use painkillers you get a effect.
- Tesla gate control - NTF and guards don't trigger tesla gates.
- PFE - Peanut explodes if he dies.
- Remote Keycard - You don't have to hold your keycard to open something.
- Respawn Timer - Shows a respawn timer.
- Roundstats - Shows round stats on end of round.
- FFonRoundEnd - Friendly Fire activates on round end.
- SCP800-X - Makes it so zombies can infect humans.
- SCP-1162 - Peanuts chamber is a gambling chamber.
- ScpUtils - Makes all the SCP's talk.
- Stalky106 - 106 can stalk people and teleport to them.
- Subclass (currently broken) - Used to make subclasses.
- Scanner - A scan will occur every 10 minutes.
- SCPswap - As SCP you can swap with another SCP.
- SCP-012 - Adds a new SCP to the 012 room.
- 096TargetDisplay - Shows if you looked at shy guy.
- UltimateAFK - Afk players get replaced.
- Zombie-Copter - Spinning around as 049-2 makes you fly.