The Scuut




1. Don't ruin other player's game experience.
2. Don't play Music / use soundboard in spectator, intercom, scp chat or radio, you are allowed to play it in proximity chat
3. No Discrimination.
4. Only talk English don't speak other languages.
5. No impersonation, Don't act like you are a staff member.
6. No ban/mute evading, Don't use alts to evade a mute or a ban, if we see you breaking this rule you will be PERM-IP banned.
7. Don't use hack clients, any way of unfair advantage will be punished>
8. Teaming with SCPs is not allowed, Only Chaos Insurgency is allowed to team with SCPs


914 changes & Server Plugins

Coin --> Fine = Random item

- AutoRestartTool - Restarts the server every few rounds, So we don't have to restart the server if we change something in the configs (you will not be kicked from server)
- Better939 - Makes SCP-939 get stronger if he is losing health.
- BetterSinkholes - Makes it so you can fall in to the big sinkhole in light containment zone.
- Common Utils - Used for inventory managment.
- Escape Airlock - Turns the escape doors in to an airlock.
- KeepTheChange - Coins spawn around the facility
- Lights - Makes it so the lights turn off.
- PFE - Peanut explodes if he dies.
- Remote Keycard - You don't have to hold your keycard to open something.
- Suicide - If you type .suicide in the local console you suicide.
- Respawn Timer - Shows a timer in the screen if you are a spectator, the timer says when you are gonna respawn.
- SCP800-X - Makes it so zombies can infect humans.
- SCP-1162 - If you drop an item in peanuts chamber it will change in to another item.
- ScpUtils - Makes all the SCP's talk.
- Stalky106 - 106 can stalk people and teleport to them.
- Subclass - Used to make subclasses.
- UltimateAFK - Makes it so you if you are afk you will be replaced with a player in spectator.
- LuckyPills - If you use painkillers you get a different size.
- ObjectsDisableTeslas - Facility Guards & weapon manager tablets do not trigger tesla gates.
- Scanner - After 10 minutes in the game a scan will ocure and say everything that is alive.
- Roundstats - Shows who has the most kills, first to escape and first to contain a scp on the end of the round.
- 096TargetDisplay - Shows if you looked at shy guy (made by patriik!)
- SCPswap - As SCP you can swap with another SCP
- SCP-012 - Adds a new SCP to the 012 room