Note: The server is being modified, and will be down during this time. The server should be up by 6 PM EST on 12/3/23.

>> This is a heavily modded server <<

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Server Rules
1: Be respectful to all players. Don't use offensive, annoying, or in any way harmful to others.</indent>
2: Team-killing (friendly fire) is not allowed except for the below reasons.</indent>
2.1: Another team member is stealing items, or being harmful your life.</indent>
2.2: Someone else team kills without reason within 30 seconds.</indent>
2.3: Someone closes 2+ doors on you or teammates within 1 minute.</indent>
2.4: It was unintentional cross-fire (an accident).</indent>
2.5: Self-defense from another team member.</indent>
2.6: Class-D can kill other Class-D.</indent>
3: Do not play any loud music or noises, however playing quieter sounds is fine (such as music).</indent>
4: Do not ask staff members for a class change, any roles or permissions, etc.</indent>
5: Do not delay/stall rounds (camping a room (see below), avoiding confrontation, or repeatedly stopping warhead).</indent>
5.1: Teaming is allowed, as long as it does not violate rule 5.</indent>
5.2: Camping is allowed as long as the other person can fight back.</indent>
5.3: Do not camp anywhere for longer then 2 minutes.</indent>
6: Any forms on doxxing, DDoSing, exploiting, malware distribution, stream sniping or other is forbidden.</indent>
7: Do not suicide or leave the game because you don't want to play as a class.</indent>
8: Do not violate Steam ToS or the SCP:SL EULA.</indent>
9: Anything that a staff member says goes.</indent>
10: Joining and then quickly leaving is not allowed.</indent>
11: All rules are subject to change, do not try to find work-arounds.</indent>
12: Use your common sense, don't be an idiot.</indent>

Note: During "Event" times, when staff members are changing the game in a way that is not normal, you may be kicked with the reason "Event time, join back later". Server events are normally run around 7 PM Eastern.

Last updated: 11/12/23