Pantheon Community

Crossfire Server

Welcome to the <color=#199BFF>Pantheon SCP: Secret Laboratory Servers.</color>

[1] Do not provide information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage (meta-gaming).
[2] Harassment, racism, sexism, and toxic behaviour won’t be tolerated.
[3] Do not use exploitations to your advantage. This includes fall damage and positional exploits.
[4] Purposely camping that leads to rounds being delayed will get you slain.
[5] Do not advertise without permission from a manager to do so.
Twitch and YouTube links in your name are allowed.</color>
[6] Any form of cheats/hacks will get you banned permanently.
[7] We accept micspamming in proximity provided it is at an appropriate volume. Micspam external to proximity chat must remain inexcessive and not be loud; this includes spectator chat, SCP chat, radio chat and intermission.
[8] Targeted teamkilling or intentionally avoiding the auto punishment system will not be tolerated. Targeted teamkilling consists of targeting a specific player or killing an escape class such as Class-D or Scientist. Players with a high number of teamkills or teamkill bans may be issued long-term punishments.

Server Features
[-] Teamkilled players will receive a message on the top of their screens which can be used for reporting excessive/targeted teamkilling.
[-] All SCPs will be notified when a fellow SCP disconnects from the server.
[-] SCP-079 will be notified via a broadcast when a generator is being activated.
[-] SCP-049-2 will regain 75HP upon killing a target.
[-] Multiple exit locations for escaping 106s dimension.
[-] Disarmed Class-D and Scientists that escape will change to the opposite team.
[-] AFK players will be kicked after a few minutes of inactivity.
[-] Increased stamina regeneration speed by 20%.
[-] Classes have a small chance to spawn with an extra item, e.g Janitor Card as Class-D.
[-] Custom loadouts and default ammo for NTF and Chaos.
[-] A respawn timer and the amount of spawn tickets will display shortly before a respawn.
[-] The auto nuke will be enabled 20 minutes into the game.
[-] Custom stats plugin which tracks your kills, deaths, escapes, and fastest escape time.
[-] The leaderboard for all time best stats can be found pinned in our Discord.