EdgeGamers Events

Welcome! EdgeGamers is a multi-game clan founded in 2006 by Artimus and JohnT as a single Day of Defeat: Source server. Since then we are proud to consistently offer punk-free gaming experiences across a wide variety of genres.

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Discord: edgm.rs/discord
Forums: edgegamers.com
Donations: edgm.rs/donate
Become a Member: edgm.rs/join
Player Reports: edgm.rs/report
Contact Leadership: edgm.rs/contactle


Our events server was created for our Member Services team to organize SCP: Secret Laboratory events for the community.

All EdgeGamers servers follow our core code of conduct, available to read at edgm.rs/rules

1. No disrespect towards other players.
2. Harassment of other players is prohibited.
3. No cheating, scripting or exploiting of any kind.
4. Don't disrupt server functions through excessive swearing, spamming, trolling and purposeful griefing.
5. Avoid political, religious, news, societal, and other inappropriate conversations.
6. Recruiting and advertising is prohibited.

Additionally, please observe these rules to keep our server light and fun:

7. Admin decisions are final: please do not argue!
If you disagree with any decisions, please contact the leadership team at <color=#f97316>edgm.rs/contactle.</color>
8. Avoid using soundboards or micspamming in spectator mode.