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This server is heavily modded.

Server Rules

1. Discriminatory behavior, hate-speech, or the use of derogatory terms directed at any individual or group based on their characteristics, including usernames and music, is strictly prohibited.

2. Excessive and disruptive use of voice chat, commonly referred to as mic-spam, is not allowed in spectator chat, radio, SCP chat, or intercom. However, background music is permissible as long as it adheres to rule 1.

3. Any form of harassment towards fellow players is not tolerated. It is essential to maintain a respectful and positive environment for everyone on the network.

4. Our staff members may take appropriate action against any instance of general harassment or behavior that causes annoyance to others, even if it does not directly violate a specific rule.

5. Intentional suicide or leaving to change classes or to escape a situation is not allowed.

6. Cooperative play and teaming up are permissible, provided they do not excessively stall the round.

7. Intentionally griefing teammates, such as activating tesla gates on SCPs as 079 is not tolerated.

8. Exploiting, glitching, or intentionally inducing lag on the server to gain an unfair advantage over others is strictly forbidden.

9. Engaging in any form of verbal advertising, including the use of intercom and voice chat, is not allowed. Players are not allowed to promote external content or services during gameplay┬╣.

10. Metagaming (ex. Using discord voicechat, or other forms of external communication) is unfair to all users in the game and will result in punishment.

11. Minging, AKA Engaging in disruptive or negative behavior, such as trolling, or intentional disruption of gameplay will not be tolerated.

1. This excludes any part of our media team on the network.

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