Welcome to Felidae Gaming!


Community Discord
Ban Appeal using Discord (Easier to Respond)
Ban Appeal using Forms (Harder to Respond)
Joining Discord will give you the ability to apply for admin, contact admins, and ask for help. Consider joining and staying up to date with this server and our other servers!

Reading the rules is compulsory; Not reading them will not save you from punishment.

1). General Rules - Rules that are enforced for general gameplay.
a). Do NOT intentionally stall rounds if you’re last alive. (camp Nukeroom on Surface)
b). Please be respectful to both Players and Staff. Harassment and disrespect will not be tolerated.
c). Admins have final say in an admin situation, any arguing or pestering won't be tolerated.
d). Mic Spam through Radio, Announcements, etc. are not allowed. If you’d like to be annoying, do so through talking.
e). Do not abuse game bugs or exploits.
f). We have zero tolerance for discrimination in any form.
g). Cheating, scripting, or using anything client sided to give yourself an advantage over other players is strictly against the rules and will be punished harshly.

2). Gameplay Rules - Rules that are enforced for gameplay.
a). Any cuffed person SHALL NOT be shot by opposing teams unless not cooperating.
b). No mass cuffing. You shouldn’t have a good reason to cuff 10 D-Bois in 914.
c). No spamming the Nuke Detonation button.
d). You're responsible if another opposing player gets to live or die. We do not enforce specific class interactions.
e). SCPs can only team with Chaos.
f). Try to be reasonable with interactions with other opposing teams; don’t shoot an uncuffed D-Boi when he’s with an NTF, heading up to Surface.
g). SCPs are allowed to ‘show mercy’ to any class.