The Vertex Server
This server is for people who like to actually play the game and mess around at the same time, Best for roleplay sometimes. If you have been banned you can post a ban-appeal in discord and post your reasoning there. Thank you for reading the INFO, and Thank you for playing on Vertex!

1. If there is a Hacker please record the actions of the user and report it to the official Northwood staff.
2. Your only allowed to TK if the User is: Trolling, killed an Ally, or Asking to be killed.
3. We don't allow Racism, Sexism, or any type of Harassment. Everyone is equal and I expect everyone to be treated as such.
4. Please don't ear-rape the people in the server via intercom, lobby, or spectating.
5. Cross teaming is allowed as long as it doesn't hold up the round, please keep cross teaming to a minimum.
6. Do not copy someone's username and do NOT claim to be staff.
7. When an Event is going to be made, staff will inform everyone. (Most people want to play the base Game)
8. Keep in mind that staff aren't always serious, some of them want to play the game naturally.
9. Disarming is not forced. When a personnel is disarmed or just disarmed, killing them will count as TK.
10. Please help out a friend if they're new to the game.
11. Do not flirt/date with other users.
12. As of MTF, There are ranks. Listen to the ranks that are higher than you.
13. Do not leak other peoples private information.
14. D-Class can kill other D-Class without consequence.
15. Don't lie to the Staff, It will only get worse when you get caught.
16. Do not try to circumvent rules, or use loopholes.
17. Please don't be blatantly Toxic to other Players or Target/TK them.
18. Please Listen to the Staff who moderate this server, They are here to help you.
19. Have much fun as possible while playing!

- ChopperDrop
- Time to time a helicopter will spawn in and drop some useful loot during the round
- CustomEscape
- Allows Classes to escape to become something else, such as cuffed Chaos to Cadets, cuffed Facility guards to Chaos
- RemoteKeycard
- Allows you to use your keycard without holding
- SCP008X
- SCP-008 is infected by zombies, when a plague doctor revives a zombie, that zombie carries SCP-008 and it will infect people with it when it attacks, it will slowly deal damage and slowly turn you into a zombie
- SCPSwap
- When you first spawn in as a SCP, you have 1 minute to use the console ".scpswap (scpnumber)" without the parenthesis and quotation marks. Example: ".scpswap 106" or ".scpswap 049"
- Spies
- You or your fellow team mates may be a spy. If you are a spy you will get notified with a message that only you can see

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