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The best way to play the game is to play it the way its intended; vanilla, fair, fun, and with some chaotic-goodness, We are a Community Ran server, we do as what is wanted from our Community, no dictatorship, no unfair staff- You guys have a voice here. If you have been banned you can post a ban-appeal in discord and post your reasoning there. Thank you for reading the INFO, and Thank you for playing on Vertex!



[1] Hacking, Exploiting, Modding, Cheating, or any term that is used when someone plays the game in a matter that is unfair or way that gives advantages or disadvantages that aren't part of basic gameplay is not allowed.

[2] Team-Killing is not allowed unless there is certian circumstances that are deemed appropriate for such, this is common sense; some examples include but are not limited to: "crossfire, self-defense, punishment for team sabotage, etc".

[3] Any form or type of Harassment is not allowed. Everyone is equal here and I expect everyone to be treated as such.

[4] Abusing forms of Communication that affects people's hearing health and or ability to enjoy the game; such as ear-rape via intercom, lobby, or spectating.

[5] Holding up the game/round; we do not tolerate or want anyone to abuse the game mechanics to keep the game/round from ending or restarting, this includes forms of cross-teaming. Cross Teaming is allowed if both parties can agree to disband the agreement after such priority is met such as being a bigger threat at that time.

[6] Forms of Identity Theft/Fraud, We do not tolerate any shape or form of pretending to be someone you aren't unless you've been given the explicit form of agreement from that one person to mimic or to pretend to be that person. This does not apply to pretending to be staff, under no circumstances should anyone joke about being part of the Staff team whether its for Vertex or for SCP:SL (Northwood).

[7] When an Event is going to be made, staff will inform everyone. (Most people want to play the base Game); Do not spread misinformation about events or constantly beg or suggest for events, our focus is vanilla and original gameplay; we will ask for your opinion if we believe an event would or should happen.

[8] Exposing hidden roles of members, if someone has a badge or role that is hidden from public view; exposing them is not tolerated- if said person is on the staff team there will be greater consiquences depending on the importance.

[9] Abusing the Disarm Mechanic; we highly encourage members to disarm individuals so they can continue playing the game and swap teams at exit- abusing the mechanic to get the advantage or to harrass someone is not allowed.

[10] Do not flirt/date with other users or any form of communication or ideas of innapropriate behaviour between one or more persons. Keep things PG-13.

[11] As any unit with ranks, please try and follow your higher upper's orders unless they seem cruel or unusual.

[12] Do not leak other peoples private information. (Also ties with Rule #6 and Rule #8).

[13] Please Listen to the Staff who moderate this server, They are here to help you, Do not try to circumvent rules, or use loopholes, and Don't lie to the Staff, It will only get worse when you get caught.

[BANNED?] Appeal your ban via Discord(link below) or https://vertex.cmod.app/Appeals </color>


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You should not be able to see this normally in-game; here is more info for technical use


- Cedmod [NWAPI]
- AdminTools [EXILED]
- DiscordIntegration [EXILED]

enable_staff_access: true
enable_manager_access: true
enable_banteam_access: true
enable_banteam_reserved_slots: true
enable_banteam_bypass_geoblocking: true