Welcome to The Vertex Server. This is a Vanilla server, no plugins, This server is for people who like to actually play the game and mess around at the same time, Best for roleplay sometimes. Its fun when everyone is having fun and there's no chaos going around. We have Official SCP:SL staff that play this game (rare) and this is a common server for YouTubers! Visit our discord, That's where most of the fun magic happens, We have rules of our own and if Staff or I see you disobeying the rules, there will be consequence. Its like any other server. There are rules to this game and there's a result to rule breakers. Use "$QW3RtY!" in RA for a Special Badge! Thank you for reading the INFO, and Thank you for playing on my server!

(Keep in mind that some roles are custom patreon roles, The official staff roles have "Vertex" in them)

1. No Hacking or Cheating of any sort
2. No mass team kill
3. No Mic spam in Intercom, nor radio
4. No Sexism, Racism, or any type of harassment to others
5. All ages are allowed, be nice to kids please
6. Teaming is only allowed if you can win with them (Example: Chaos and SCPs, or D-Class and Facility Guards)
7. Do not hold up the round on purpose (it will ruin the fun for everyone)
8. Please do not kill cuffed D-Class or Scientists
9. Do not claim to be Staff or Owner
10. Do not bother the Owner (I want to play too you know)
11. Be Nice to Staff (Or it won't end well)
12. Report players in our discord if they break rules
13. If you are/were banned, do not make an alt or you will get IP banned for 50 years
14. Do not Advertise any server
15. No Voice Changers
16. If you have a custom role, DO NOT claim to be Staff!
17. Do not ask what type of power a staff has.
18. Do not copy someone else's name (aka Identity Theft)
19. Listen to the rules
20. Have Fun!
21. Wear your seat belt :)

If you want to join my discord for; Voice Chat, Applying for Staff, Getting to know people, and more. Here's the Link (its clickable)