We have a discord. An invite to it is here: 5yUAz6mAS6
Owner's Discord (for issues or questions): Ender#7841
- This server IS NOT FREE ADMIN. It is named what it's named due to the heavy use of remote admin compared to other servers.

1. Don't be racist, homophobic, or whatever else you can think of other those forms of guidelines. No discrimination, basically.

2. Don't be toxic or overly toxic. Amounts of toxicity for jokes is fine, but don't really try to make someone angry just because you killed them and want to rub it in their face, or something like that.

3. As long as you are not breaking rule #1 or #2, you may say whatever you desire. This rule DOES have exceptions, and Admins can ban you for those.

4. The intercom isn't for earrape. This is a simple one, but don't play overly loud sound effects or songs over the intercom. As long as it doesn't break people's ears, it's ok. This also goes for MASS GRENADE PILES, if you are making one of those, specifically admins, inform people to turn their volume down.

5. Don't beg. This can be annoying on this server specifically because admins are common. Begging to be a certain SCP over and over will not get you the SCP, rather get you warned.

That's basically all you need to know.