[CA/US-East]<b> Kognity's Playhouse [FF OFF]</b>

Server Location:<color=red>🍁<size=30><color=white>Toronto</size=30>🍁</color></size=20>

Invite: https://discord.gg/GTMCJcP(click the link)

Basic Server Rules
<color=orange>1.Be a Decent Human Being (blanket term)
1a.No slurs or any "isms" (eg. Racism, Sexism etc). Strictly no tolerance, punishment will be minimum 5 minute ban and will increase rapidly.
2.Have fun!
3.Don't break Rule #1 and #2

Gameplay Rules
<color=orange>1.No passive/teaming between Guard/MTF and Chaos, unless they are fighting an SCP in which case it would be a temporary truce or looking to disarm and convert their team
2.No passive/teaming between Guard/MTF and SCP
3.No unjust TKs (if FF is ON)
4.No killing of ANY detained/cuffed individuals who are following orders

Things to note
<color=orange>1.Server is English only, if you do not comply with a request to speak English you will be kicked
2.Staff are always allowed to ban if someone is being a general ass (breaking rule #1)
3.As Chaos you **CAN** make scientists on your side by detaining them, recomended since Logicer is much more powerful than NTF Rifle in close range
4.Detaining Class D or Scientists aren't required but encouraged, makes the game more fun for everyone.
5.Micspamming is not allowed in Radio, Deadchat (spectator chat) and Intercom
<color=#808080>Get the most updated plugin list join the discord (click-able link above!)