Ryv's Realm

「 DISCORD 」 <align=center>「 WEBSITE 」 <align=center>「PATREON」

<align=center><B> Features: </b>

「914 Modifications」Teleports on coarse, kills on rough!
「Auto Nuke」The nuke will start automatically at 20mins.
「Lucky Coins」Flipping coins has a strange effect here... feeling lucky?
「SCP Swap」Ability to change to other scps at the start of rounds (including 3114)
「SCP Chat」SCP-049 and 049-2 can press left alt to talk to humans!
「Remote Keycards」Open doors without holding your card!
「Custom Spawn Inventories」Chances to spawn with some low level items!
「Respawn Timer」Provides some information about spawns (disable with .timer)
「Spectator list」Provides an overlay of your current spectators!
「SCP Replace」Sick of being scp, or want to be one more often? Now you can!
「P.F.E」SCP-173 explodes on death!
「Effect Persistence」Keep effects after escaping!
「SCP-1162」Drop an item through SCP-1162 to get another!
「Better Tesla Gates」Hold out your card to neutralise tesla gates!
「Pink Candy」Boom?

<b> Rules:

1. No Teamkilling, this includes revenge TK!
2. No Racism, Homophobia or Discrimination.
3. Do not Micspam, Soundboards are only permitted in proximity chats.
4. Ntf/Guards cannot kill Class-D unless:
<size=11> They are uncompliant
They are visibly armed
A chaos wave has occurred

5. Scientists cannot kill cuffed D-Class unless chaos have spawned.
6. No Teaming, bargaining within reason is allowed.
7. Don't uncuff D-class/Scientists before their escape.
8. No stream sniping or ghosting. Don't spoil the fun.
9. No exploits of any kind.
10. No Team Sabotage.
11. Do not attempt to impersonate staff members.
12. Political discussions are not allowed.
13. Do not excessively camp surface zone while nuke is not active.
14. Please Keep discussions in english only.
15. Rules can always be updated, staff's say is final.</b>

For Ban Appeals or Questions please open a Discord ticket
VPNs are not allowed on this server.
Have fun!

wiv welm :3