The UK Server -#2

We provide a vanilla server experience as well as fun events from time to time. You can request events on the Discord server.

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<size=20>Server Rules

1. Cheating and exploiting is strictly prohibited.
2. Phishing, scamming, and other illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
3. Racist, discriminating, and offensive content is strictly prohibited.
4. Harassment, toxicity against other players is not tolerated.
5. Staff or player impersonation is strictly prohibited.
6. Mic spamming is prohibited in spectator chat.
7. Advertisements must be kept to a minimum.
8. Teaming and camping are tolerated if they do not lead to round delays.
9. False reporting and abuse of in-game reporting function are prohibited.
10. Calling out moderators who have hidden tags is prohibited.
11. Encouraging others to violate server rules is prohibited.
12. You aren't allowed to kill cuffed classD unless they are disobeying orders.

Last updated on: 06/7/22