Welcome to the entire communist party. A server dedicated to your enjoyment!
We are not strict like most servers. Of course, please follow all rules correctly.

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If you need moderative help in-game, please join the discord above this paragraph, Go to the reports channel in the "utilities" category, and make a support ticket. You can get help with that, or DMing an active moderator.

Please take the time to read all info below.

Server plugins in use:
Serpents Hand -<color=lightblue> Replaces a random CI wave with SH. This team is teams with SCPs
<color=blue>Common Utilities -<color=lightblue>Common Utils is a plugin that serves many common utilites in a day to day server life.
<color=blue>SCP-012 - <color=lightblue>Plugin adds a new lethal SCP to the game
<color=blue>Lone079 - <color=lightblue>SCP-079 will be turned into a random SCP with partial health and spawned in SCP-939s containment chamber when he is the last SCP alive instead of being auto recontained.
<color=blue>BetterSinkholes - <color=lightblue>makes sinkhole environmental hazards
<color=blue>Respawn timer -<color=lightblue> Shows a timer of when you respawn, and what as.
<color=blue>UIURescueSquad -<color=lightblue> Randomly spawns an MTF wave as UIU
<color=blue>Stalky 106 -<color=lightblue> Allows 106 to teleport to a random person by double-clicking "Create Portal"
<color=blue>WaitAndChill -<color=lightblue> Spawns people in a random room before the game starts
<color=blue>Lockdown -<color=lightblue> Locks all SCPs and D boys down for a specific time (#plugins-info) on discord
<color=blue>SCP 1162 -<color=lightblue> Dropping an item in SCP-173's chamber gives you a random item!

<color=blue>Ghost Spectator -<color=lightblue>Allows spectating as a ghost typing .spec in console!
<color=blue>SpectatorShootingRange -<color=lightblue> Lets spectators go to the shooting range by typing .range in the console!
<color=blue>Remote Keycard -<color=lightblue> Allows opening doors by hand!
-Discord plugins
<color=blue>Discordintegration -<color=lightblue> Sends game logs to discord

<color=orange>Server/Plugin Information
-Both Serpents Hand and Chaos Insurgency are allowed to team, following the teaming rule (RULE NO. 7), just like CI teaming with SCP's
-As a Class-D, going into SCP-914 on 1:1 turns you into a scientist!
-SCP-049 can speak because we keep things real around here. (sort of)
-The Alpha Warhead automatically detonates 25 minutes into the round.
-Both UIU Squad and Serpents hand have a 50% chance of replacing MTF or CI.
-Serpents hand can only spawn 3 times in one round.
-The minimum time for a respawn is 2 minutes, maximum is 3.30.
-The pocket dimension has 2 exits, for a better chance of escaping.
-The intercom can be used for up to 500 seconds, and the cooldown is 30 seconds.
-The warhead takes 80 seconds to detonate, instead of 90.
-The chance of a sinkhole spawning in a 4-way corridor is 30%.
-By default, MTF spawn is a priority, but the chance of CI spawning is 50%.
-The chance of Chaos Insurgency spawning at the beginning of the round is 20%. Have to be lucky for this to happen!
-To prevent item stealing, you can escape without having to drop your items.
-We have disabled the LCZ Decontamination process. This will probably be re-enabled when the Parabellum update is released.
-All respawn classes have 10-second spawn protection.

Suggest anything in the suggestions channel on the discord.

<color=orange>Server Rules:

MICSPAM - Everything is allowed. <b>Please keep earrape out of isolated chats<b>
1. Teamkilling is not allowed, and doing it over 2 times will result in a timed ban.
2.No racial slurs or discrimination against someone.
3. Do not harass or be overly toxic to people.
4. In events, moderators are able to overpower everything, of course except 2 and 3.
5. Sexual discussions or discussing sexual content is highly prohibited with anybody under 13.
6. Encouraging illegal activities will not be tolerated.
7. Teaming is fully allowed unless it is holding up the round. If teaming is holding up the round, you
will be asked to stop. If you do not comply, you will be killed.
8. Don't be a bitch, and have fun!
More rules coming in the future. Please stay up to date on our discord channel.

Final notes, this server has nothing to do with communism, it is only the name.
Enjoy the game!