Hello and welcome to Euclid Scp!
The discord url is:https://discord.gg/RRxj5sR

Breaking certain rules will result in a warning and then a ban. Breaking certain rules will result in an instant Ban and Ban evasion will result in a worse punishment than before.

1. No excessive bullying. A cheeky remark here and there is alright but targeted harassment won't be tolerated.
2. No cheating or glitch abuse of any type.
3. no trolling i.e. closing doors on teammates, killing fellow scps with scp 079 etc.
3a. you are not allowed to intentionally kill yourself as a zombie aka. 049-2, just play the role it ain't that bad.
4. no teaming of any kind, showing "mercy" for a brief moment is ok.
4a. An exception to teaming is if CI and SCPs wish to team same goes for Class D and SCPs. Facility vs. Other
5. Do not delay the round in any way
6. Obey admins
7. You are not allowed to kill a Class D or Scientist on sight or any if class surrenders.
7a. an exception to this is if the D class or Scientist is being escorted by a friendly faction, disobeying orders, or is holding a weapon in hand. If its is D Class vs. Scientist void rule 7.
8. No admin abuse.
9. No micspasm or earrape. Playing music on your mic is ok but innercom is not allowed.
10. You are encouraged not to give info that would otherwise be unobtainable by a use of an external program i.e. Discord, Teamspeak, etc.
11. pls habe fun! :)

Lemar Multicolor (Owner)
bengineer (Mod)
tcanavan95 (co owner)
Godflames3 (trial mod)

Modified equipment
Modified Health
better Scp 939
better Scp 079
better Scp 049
Scp 106 stalking
914 in hand
Better sinkholes
ultimate afk
Lights 2.0
Supply Drops
Chill and Wait
Admin tools