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Server Rules

1. Use Common Sense
- All members of the server are expected to use common sense while playing. This means following common rules such as no racism and no cheating.

2. Don't KOS D-Class
- As MTF/Facility Guard, you are not to KOS D-Class. Self-explanatory.

3. Don't Micspam in Global Chat
- While micspam is allowed, you may not micspam or use any soundboards in the following: Spectator Chat, Intercom, Radio.
- The only exception to this is small sound effects that are not overly loud.

4. Don't Teamkill
- Killing other members of your team is not allowed. 'Crossfire' may not be used as an excuse, watch your fire.

5. Teaming Regulations
- Teaming is only allowed for the following teams:
- Scientist - D-Class
- SCP - Chaos Insurgency
- You may not team if it stalls the round!


Hosted in Germany