1. No hate towards ANY person and/or group.
2. Only team with factions that you can join or win with, For example Guards CAN'T team with SCP's or Chaos.
3. Do Not intentionally stall the round, this also means don't camp in one spot for too long waiting for a spawn wave.
^ Do not stay in one spot for longer than 3 minutes, if you are stuck then rejoin
4. KOS Is NOT allowed inside of server 1, go to server 2 if you would prefer KOS
^You can KOS if you have had something stolen or other reasons
5. Do not kill cuffed players, It is counted as team killing.
6. Do not stay in exploit spots that will get other stuck/killed if they try to come to you.
7. Do not Mic spam inside of spectator chat, SCP chat, or radio chat, you may in proximity chat however
8. Don't be an ass

If you would prefer FRIENDLY FIRE to be on, head to server 2
If you would prefer a base-game experience, head to server 3
TUL Discord link: (Clickable Link) DISCORD SERVER</color> (Clickable Link)
TUB Discord Link: (Clickable Link) DISCORD SERVER</color> (Clickable Link)

Auto-Nuke starts at 20 minutes, it can't be disabled after this

All SCPs regen 50 health per kill (106 gains 5 per kill)

You can change your players main hand by pressing ~ on your keyboard and typing .lefthand
(To go back to being right handed type the same command)

The Nuke Lights are blue instead of red

Auto-Nuke starts at 20 minutes, it can't be disabled after this time

When dead you can press ~ and type .spectate to spectate anywhere by walking around
(You CAN'T be seen while in this mode)
(To swap back to normal spectator type .spectator in the console again)

All Radios have unlimited battery

You do NOT need to hold your keycard :O5: out to open doors
(As long as it's in your inventory you can open a corresponding door)

You can have PETS!!! press ` / ~ on your keyboard and type .pet spawn to spawn it in
(Your pet will default to SCP-939-53)
(You can change your pets model by typing .pet setrole [role] for example .pet setrole ClassD)
(You can change your pets name by typing .pet setname [name] for example .pet setname guacomole)
(You can despawn your pet by typing .pet destroy)

----------General Stuff----------
-Spawn waves ALWAYS happen every 5 minutes
-Up to 20 people can spawn per wave
-Both teams start with 20 spawn tickets

---Ticket settings---
-NTF gain 10 tickets for a cuffed Class-D escape
-NTF gain 5 tickets for a Scientist escape
-NTF gain 10 tickets for every terminated SCP

-Chaos gain 5 tickets for a Class-D escape
-Chaos gain 20 tickets for a cuffed Scientist escape
-Chaos gain 0 tickets for every terminated Scientist
-Chaos gain 0 tickets for every SCP item used on their team

-Stamina is disabled
-Intercom cooldown is 5 seconds
-Intercom speech time is 10 seconds max
-Warhead takes 100 seconds to detonate
-You keep your items when escaping
-SCPs take increased damage from grenades
-You can upgrade held items in SCP-914

---SCP-106 Settings---

-There is x1 escape path
-The path is NOT randomized/changed after an escape